Mrs. Dr. Mister (moonlightnrain) wrote,
Mrs. Dr. Mister

Wedding Planning

I just need to get this down in one place, forgive me for :

We have:
A venue
An officiant
A caterer
A cake
A photographer

We are in negotiations for:
Acoustic musicians for ceremony and cocktail hour

We need:
Save the Date cards
A photo booth (ask Judy if this is okay with them?)
Stuff to wear
Stuff for our bridesmates to wear
A guest list
A registry
A day-of planner (talk to TMT about this)
To add 1hr to our venue contract
A hotel (W&B working on this)
A bus
To book our honeymoon
To renew/get our passports
Favors (?)
Table numbers (?)
Card holder (look at GW)

What am I forgetting???

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