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I was walking out of the new hospital about thirty minutes ago to walk to my office and suddenly I had a clear vision of my wedding day. I even felt the butterflies in my stomach; it was that clear and intense. I could see all my friends lined up in front of me in their tuxes, shifting back and forth on their feet waiting to walk down the aisle. They were smiling at me almost teasingly because my face must have shown my nervousness. The string trio began to play "This Must Be the Place" (the Shawn Colvin version). It was a gorgeous sun-dappled afternoon, just cool enough for me not to regret the layers of clothing I was wearing. My dad offered me his arm, reached down and gave me a scruffy kiss on the cheek and then we were walking down the aisle....

I. Can't. WAIT!

Also, I am praying that the string trio that listed This Must Be the Place on their repertoire is not yet booked for our big day! :)

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