Irony and Pain

I love that my neighbor, the one who owns a jumpy house for his kids and employs a nanny is listening to John Lennon's "Working Class Hero" at top volume.

In other news, we are going to urgent care today because the swelling on my left flank is now pain on my left flank. Sigh.

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My 2010

So I'm inspired by ebonlock's post-2010 post and I thought I'd try to sum up my own 2010.

In 2010:
Shows: I saw Avenue Q and Eddie Izzard again. Saw Kathy Griffin for the first time. I am my own sundae.

Travel: Went back to Maui with the Homer-Smith clan. This time with a tsunami scare! We went to the Mayan Riviera for our honeymoon. We went to So Cal for my Dad's wedding, my niece's wedding and for a Christmas party. And we went to Phoenix for a week to check out our cousin's new restaurant, Beckett's Table.

Politics: "Watched" the Prop 8 trial closely online. Laughed, cried and donated money to the cause. We hosted a March for Sanity/Fear party.

Fitness: Ha ha ha. I gained a lot of weight this year and have yet to lose any of it, despite trying a few different methods/activities. Looking for something that sticks....

Reading: Tried to start a classic lit book club online with some friends and failed to get anyone to actually talk about the book! Ha! I loved reading Feed by Mira Grant and the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins and can't recommend either enough. I will be reading a LOT more this coming year, all YA or Middle-Grade books (I welcome any suggestions).

Writing: Joined the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. I am working on my novel adaptation of The Paranormals.

Major Purchases: Got an iPhone and I wonder how I ever lived without one. Bought a Toyota Matrix (named her Luce, aka "Crafty") when my dear old Passat was dying. Bought a TempurPedic mattress and now I can almost never sleep when I go on vacation! Got a new laptop (named her Nessie).

Major changes: Got "downsized" for the first time in my life. Moved into our house. Um... and it seems like there was something else... Oh yeah, I got married! Well, not if 7 million Californians have a say in the matter, but in my heart I am married.

Food & Drink Fun: Had dinner at Thomas Keller's Ad Hoc thanks to The Mortons. Went to Millennium followed by Bourbon & Branch for our anniversary (of dating). Tried out Singlebarrel with Jon. Was wowed by Wolfgang Puck's in the MGM Grand for my bachelorette party dinner. And of course, ate at Beckett's Table twice (YUM!)

Other: Participated in our first Shinteki Decathalon and LOVED it. Turned 40 and didn't hate it, especially since my friends threw me the most awesomely geeky costume party. Got to welcome our new nephew into the world just an hour after he was born. Threw my very first NYE party.

So welcome 2011. You have some VERY big shoes to fill!

On the dole

So I haven't been updating here; I have mostly been posting wee sentences on Facebook. And it came to my notice the other day that most of you probably don't know I've been sacked. They eliminated my position at the hospital. I can't blame them, the money was drying up and we were a department built around expansion, so we got hit hard.

For the first time in my life I am on unemployment. I am happy to report that I feel none of the shame I thought I might feel in admitting that. It really doesn't seem like such a big deal to me. I'm accepting some help that I have gladly offered to others when they were down (at least that's the way I think of it). But man, Uncle Sam doesn't make it very easy to get your payments. You have to fill out a little sheet every two weeks that says whether you were eligible to work, if you searched for work, if you accepted any work - that makes sense. You can't mail it until the Monday after that two week period, and then you wait another week for your first check.

If my experience is any example, though, that first check is not for 2 weeks of unemployment, it's only for one week. Several days later you will get a 3 line letter that will tell you that the first week was considered a "waiting period" with no further explanation. So 3.5 weeks after being let go, I have gotten one check for $450. Ouch. I am very fortunate to have a fiancee who is able to do things like pay my half of the rent without too much strain.

I wish I hadn't used ALL of my savings to buy my new car back in June. It's nice to have the lower payments, but it would be so much nicer to have that bit of security backing me up.

Anyway, I post this not to whine and moan, but mostly as a cautionary tale. I had managed to put a few hundred back in the bank, but that's going quickly. You might want to keep enough in the bank to pay your rent or mortgage for 2-3 months should some similar fate befall you.

And now that I seem to have some energy back, I'm going to go cut out some escort cards and the like for the wedding....

Ta ta!

My band

Finally, after 28 years of considerations, I have picked my band's name: The Washing Up.

I think I'll see if I can get Kim Woodburn on bass and Aggie Mackenzie on drums....

In other news, it appears that Liz's credit card has been used for unauthorized purchases. Sigh. We're having quite the week here, what with rampant illnesses, injuries and now credit theft.

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So very sick. What started as sinusitis (again) has taken turns living in my bronchial tubes and in my ears today. Plus the meds I was taking gave me wicked acid reflux and, to top it all off, I managed to hit myself soundly on the chin with my own car door. Lovely. Oh, and I now have a mild fever dispute being sick for 4 days without one. Doesn't my body know I have a wedding to finish planning? Where's David Tutera when I need him?

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Free to good home!

Locals, I have a wee Sunbeam food processor up for grabs. It's old, but still works (as far as we know). We'd taken it from Liz's Grandfather's vacation house in the hopes of using it until we got a fancy new one off our registry, but we were gifted with that at our wedding shower. It is small, so it won't take up too much room in your kitchen, has the manual and all the parts. Comment of email.

In other news, we did our engagement session with our wedding photographers, Heather and Carol (www.gertrudeandmabel.com) on Saturday and we had a blast. I can't wait to see the end results!

House Addiction

This is mostly for ebonlock: we are so addicted to House we are plowing through 3 eps in one night (we aren't big into TV) and I was pouting over the end of season one quickly approaching. Liz says she is going right out and purchasing season 2 once we are done. I said, "really? Purchasing?" because I'd been thinking we'd Netflix 'em and she tapped her arm and said "yeah, the first one's free."

But I have to know: why don't they ever turn on the goddamn lights??? Serious fall risk to have people running around in darkened labs and exam rooms!

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I was walking out of the new hospital about thirty minutes ago to walk to my office and suddenly I had a clear vision of my wedding day. I even felt the butterflies in my stomach; it was that clear and intense. I could see all my friends lined up in front of me in their tuxes, shifting back and forth on their feet waiting to walk down the aisle. They were smiling at me almost teasingly because my face must have shown my nervousness. The string trio began to play "This Must Be the Place" (the Shawn Colvin version). It was a gorgeous sun-dappled afternoon, just cool enough for me not to regret the layers of clothing I was wearing. My dad offered me his arm, reached down and gave me a scruffy kiss on the cheek and then we were walking down the aisle....

I. Can't. WAIT!

Also, I am praying that the string trio that listed This Must Be the Place on their repertoire is not yet booked for our big day! :)
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